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KLARAS COMMERCIAL APPRAISALS is a leading provider of "pre-purchase offer" due diligence, Restricted Appraisal reports in "commercial narrative" format. Buyer's don't over pay...get an appraisal or a Commercial BPO.

We also provide Commercial Property BPO Valuation Reports. 'Broker Price Opinion of Value = BPO

The estimated value of a property as determined by a real estate broker or other qualified individual or firm. A broker price opinion is based on the characteristics of the property being considered.

BREAKING DOWN 'Broker Price Opinion - BPO'

Some of the factors that a broker will consider when pricing a property include: the value of similar surrounding properties, sales trends in the neighborhood, an estimate of any of the costs associated with getting the property ready for sale and/or the cost of any needed repairs. It is important to note that a BPO is not the same as an appraisal and cannot be referred to as such.



John H Ackermann, CCIM

St Cert Gen Real Estate Appraiser RZ2546

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